Thursday, 20 April 2017

6 Simple Tips to Improve Your Oral Health...

When it comes to our oral health and hygiene, we often get stuck in a routine and habit takes over as we feel that after all these years, of course we know how to look after our teeth, right? However sometimes we pick up bad habits or omit things that we should be doing, which may improve our oral health:

1. Spit, don’t rinse after brushing
Rinsing your mouth after brushing washes away the protective fluoride coating from your toothpaste, which if left protects your teeth for hours after you brush.

2. Try to eat sugary foods at meal times
If you’re going to have that piece of chocolate or a Haribo, do so after a main meal to reduce the number to times your teeth are exposed to damaging acids.

3. Remember to clean in between your teeth
If you don’t clean in between your teeth, you miss cleaning 35% of each tooth surface! Whether you choose an inter-dental brush or floss, make it a daily habit as it helps to remove bacteria that can cause tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. It takes minutes to do and is super easy once you’re in the habit of it!

4. Swap fizzy drinks for water
Fizzy drinks, even sugar free ones, can still damage your teeth as the acids found in these can soften your tooth enamel, which once lost will not regenerate. Instead switch to water, which helps to wash away food particles left in your mouth and keep you hydrated. If you fancy something that’s a bit more exciting than water, why not try fruit infused water to give it a bit of flavouring but keeping the benefits of drinking water.

5. Clean your tongue
A simple, quick scrape of your tongue can do wonders for your breath and remove plaque from your tongue and bacteria build-up.

6. Change your toothbrush
Remember to change your toothbrush or electric toothbrush head every 3 months, as the bristles break down and are less effective and you’re also transferring bacteria to your mouth.

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