Friday, 10 March 2017

Helping our Patients Smile - Nervous Patients

Dental treatment isn’t easy for some people, but the end results are worth it.

It doesn’t matter which dental practice you visit; dentists throughout the world, will invariably have to treat patients who are very uncomfortable with having treatment carried out. In fact, along with a fear of flying, dental phobia is probably the most common phobia. As with all phobias though, the imagination is invariably worse than the reality.
At Muaks Family Dental, we see our fair share of nervous dental patients. This ranges from those who are worried about any potential treatment but are able to face their fears to help ensure good oral health, through to those unfortunate patients for whom a visit to the dentist is little short of sheer panic.


We would like to assure any nervous dental patients that, however nervous you are, we are still keen to see you at our dental practice. Our team will, especially if advised in advance of your fears, take care that you are well looked after and treated in a calm and considerate manner. Whilst some phobias, such as a fear of flying, can be avoided in many cases by taking holidays in our home country; this option does not apply to dental phobia, and avoiding visits to the dentist is clearly very unwise.
All of us, at some point in time, will need to have dental treatment and those who avoid visiting a dental practice for long periods of time are likely to need quite invasive procedures later on.


The key part of ensuring good oral health lies in prevention. Ironically, many people who suffer from dental phobia do take very good care of their teeth, religiously brushing and flossing every day in the hope of avoiding any dental problems that will force them to have to pay the dentist a visit. Even with this level of care though, problems will inevitably arise. This may be in the form of accidental damage to the teeth through an accident perhaps, but even if this is avoided, there is almost inevitably some dental decay that occurs and quite possibly some gum disease, which if ignored can become very serious.
On top of these two common problems, enamel erosion can be a problem for these patients who sometimes are over enthusiastic when brushing their teeth and actually wear away the enamel.


We are also pleased to offer Conscious Sedation. Sedation is a specialised technique where a sedative is administered through an intravenous cannula. You still maintain all your vital and responsive reflexes, e.g. coughing, breathing and swallowing.  Most people find Sedation a pleasant and acceptable way of receiving dental treatment from fillings to Implants. During the procedure you will feel peaceful and unaware of what is going on.

Friendly dental team

Although dental phobia can be deep seated, seeing a friendly and sympathetic dentist can really help a patient to start to overcome their fears. Trust is a big issue for many people, and, through seeing a dentist regularly, we are able to build up a level of trust between dentist and patients which will help them to have both healthy and good looking teeth. If you are a nervous dental patient why not call us at Muaks Family Dental on 968 137 852 and arrange a visit where we can discuss your concerns and help you keep on the right track with healthy teeth and gums.

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