Friday, 17 March 2017

Weird but Useful Dental Health Facts for Guys & Dads

Fun Dental Health Facts for Men: What in the world do tongue size, digestion, beards, snacking, and dating have in common?

We have no idea. Just kidding. They are all related to oral health for guys and dads. March 19th is Father´s Day in Spain, so check out these 5 weird but incredibly useful dental health facts for you or the man in your life.

#1.Men have larger, longer tongues

Maybe it’s just because guy’s mouths tend to be a bit larger, but we just wanted to leave that interesting fact here for you to do with what you will.  

You’re welcome.
Speaking of tongues:  Next time you’re near a mirror (and it’s socially acceptable), stick your tongue out and take a look.  Why?  First, because now we know you’re curious and want to see just how long your tongue is.  
Second, check to make sure it looks healthy.  In general, healthy tongues are pink, firm, and don’t have any colored coatings, unusual bumps, or discolored/sore or dry spots. Some diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and infections have signs and symptoms that show up in the mouth.  If you see anything that looks or feels strange, take the time to see your dentist for a checkup.


Your dental health directly affects the quality of your digestion, and thus your overall health.  Missing teeth, having prosthodontics such as dentures or partials, crowding, or other issues with bite and alignment can directly affect your ability to chew and digest your food.  Not being able to chew well can also affect your food choices, with many men avoiding foods high in fibre and other nutrients. This can lead to digestive issues.
Make sure your teeth are doing their proper job for you when it comes to the digestive process.  If you or someone you know is having issues with chewing or teeth alignment, go ahead and see your dentist for a checkup.

#3.Lookin’ for Love in all the wrong places

What do single folks look for in a male dating partner?  Is it rock-hard abs, a full, manly beard, or big feet?  The answer: None of the above.  Actually, men and women are both looking for the same thing – nice teeth and a great smile. Healthy teeth are more important on dating apps like andTinder, because a man who takes care of his smile is likely to take care of his whole body.  If you’ve got a gorgeous grill, make sure to show your smile in your profile pic, and expect more singles to swipe right when they see you!

#4.On Beards & Toothbrushes

What do beards and toothbrushes potentially have in common?  Unfortunately, it’s probably bacteria. Luckily, science has prevailed, showing that for the most part the bacteria found in beards is NOT the same found on the average toilet.   It looks like it’s OK again for folks to snuggle up to their favorite bearded dude.  

However, the same can’t be said for your toothbrush. The  average toothbrush has more bacteria then you´d care to know about.  So don´t forget to change your brush every 3 months and never ever use an old toothbrush to groom your mustache or beard!  

#5.In like a Lion, Out like a… Donut?

Men seem to worry less about fad diets, but are more likely to skip meals during the day. Perhaps that’s why there’s a trend showing that men tend to start the day with healthy food choices, but often end up snacking and giving in to the junk food cravings at night. It probably doesn’t help that the people around us can influence what we eat.  

Pair this with the recent survey showing that half of guys may be brushing their teeth only once a day, and you’ve got a recipe for a dental disaster.  Allowing sugars and acids to sit on your teeth overnight by skipping the nightly hygiene routine is a surefire way to accelerate the decay process, and allow plaque biofilm to build and act like tiny jackhammers on tooth enamel.  
The best way to keep your smile healthy is to keep up with the home oral hygiene routine which includes brushing for two minutes, twice per day, flossing at least once per day, and seeing your dentist for a regular checkup and cleaning every 6 months.   It’s also a very good idea to make sure your teeth and bite are properly aligned to make sure your smile is as handsome as you are, and to keep your whole body healthy.

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